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Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Therapy

Are you feeling anxious, down, or stuck, and need the right counselor to talk with about your concerns?  Sometimes stress and our life situations become challenging which causes us to lose sleep, have negative thoughts, feel stuck, and feel sadness.

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Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Therapy for Anxiety

If you experience anxiety, you know it can be an overwhelming feeling. You often worry, feel anxious, avoid situations, and have thoughts of what can go wrong. You may even think about the worst case scenario happening. 

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Psychotherapy and Counseling for Trauma

Have you wondered if current or past emotional abuse, violence, the absence of your parent during childhood, or other traumatic experiences are part of your feelings of unhappiness, anger, dissatisfaction with your relationships, or feeling stuck?

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Psychological Evaluations and Mental Health Assessments for Immigration

Immigration procedures can be long, complicated, and even stressful. You have so many meetings with your attorney and tons of documents to gather. Immigration cases can make you feel lost and very nervous. I can help you ease the procedure when it comes to the mental health assessment that you were recommended to obtain.

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On-line Therapy

As a busy adult with many roles and "hats to wear," it may be difficult to travel and make appointments. You already have to deal with work schedules, managing your home, family, and your social life. On-line therapy provides psychotherapy in the comfort of your home to not worry about traveling, parking, and traffic.

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Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments and mental health assessments have multiple purposes. Assessments can help a person learn more about themselves and gain valuable insights. Commonly psychological assessments have a specific purpose and may have been requested by a third party.

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