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Counseling and Psychotherapy for Trauma

A violent event is considered a traumatic incident, but there are many other experiences in life that are traumatic. A few examples of different experiences deemed traumatic, involve abandonment from a parent, emotional neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, witnessing violence in the home, an alcoholic parent, loss, and neglect. Many adults live with unresolved emotions, sadness, and anxiety which may be connected to traumatic experiences in their life.

Complex trauma is the result of repetitive stressors that involve harm or abandonment which result in changes in the mind, emotions, and the body.

Signs of Trauma?

  • Depression, Substance Use, Anxiety, or PTSD Symptoms

  • Sleeping Problems, Irritability, or Feeling Disconnected

  • Feelings of Detachment

  • Nightmares

  • Not Being able to Function at Work, Wchool, and in Relationships the Way you Want to.

Trauma affects your body, brain, health, sleep, and emotions. These are very important reasons to work through it. Trauma is also linked to drug use, depression, alcoholism, anxiety, among other conditions. 

Not everyone who suffered trauma has a trauma response or symptoms. Some may experience clinical symptoms while others only experience relationship challenges. The complexity of your response to traumatic events will depend on many factors including the type of exposure, support, individual differences, and age at the time of trauma, etc.