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Psychoterapist and Owner

Psychotherapy does not have to be draining, long, and intimidating. You don't have to go through this difficult time alone. You and I can work together to find what you are looking to improve in your life. We can discover meaning, solutions, healing, or getting you on the way to feeling "unstuck."

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Diana Ruiz, MA, LCPC

Hello, my name is Diana Ruiz, MA, LCPC, I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor serving Chicago, Wheeling, IL, and the Chicago-land-area. I practice psychotherapy and complete psychological assessments. I attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and The Chicago School of Progressional Psychology. I completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

I have clinical training in various methods to resolve trauma, anxiety, and depression. I practice theoretical approaches such as psychodynamic, trauma theories (traumatic stress studies) and CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy). I will assist you to navigate stress, feel better, and make improvements in your life. Whether you want to reduce emotional pain, improve relationships, or want to accomplish other goals, therapy may be right for that process. Therapy is also appropriate to work through your past, symptom relief, or make positive changes.