Feeling Stuck with Depression? 9 Questions to Help You Move Forward

Sometimes certain life circumstances or adverse events trigger feelings of sadness, depression, or feeling stuck. Unhappiness with your occupation, stressful relationships, or a loss of self-confidence are common life circumstances that cause sadness in some people. In life, there are some situations that we can improve or change, but there are other situations that we cannot change. Can you think about a problem or situation that caused you to feel an onset of depression or sadness?

Below I provided nine questions as a guide to help you move forward from circumstances that are causing you to feel sad, depressed, or stuck. The questions can also be used as journal prompts for you to reflect.

Ask yourself the following:

1. Determine what is happening and what is the situation?

2. What emotions did that situation trigger?

3. What actions and behaviors did you take that followed the situation?

4. What automatic thoughts did you have about that situation?

5. Can you modify, change, or adapt your thoughts that don't serve you, are not helpful, or cause you distress?

6. Can you plan to solve the problem?

7. Can you choose to act?

8. If it's a situation that you can't change, can you practice accepting it?

9. Can you refocus your attention to other things that have value in your life?

There is no quick fix when it comes to healing from depression, the journey towards feeling happier starts with awareness of your situations, thoughts, and emotional reactions. The path to overcoming depression may be a long one, but it will be worth it.


Diana Ruiz, MA, LCPC