Four Steps to Manage Stressful Emotions

Some of our emotions can become overwhelming and to say the least, stressful. The emotions often interfere with our functioning, enjoying our day, or put us in a bad mood. It's inevitable that emotions will get the best of us at times. I want to share a quick four-step technique to at least reduce the intensity of the feeling at the moment, whether it is anxiety, nervousness, sadness, anger, or stress. Give it a try! 

1. Identify The Feeling:

What is the emotion you are feeling? This will bring awareness to your internal emotional state. It's important to know that your thoughts and feelings are different. Examples of emotions include feeling: angry, nervous, sad, jealous, fear, etc.

2. Accept The Feeling:

So many times we walk around and go about our days trying to push emotions away. Bad idea! Don't force the feeling away. Pent-up feelings can do more harm than good. Take a non-judgment stance about what you are feeling. We are feeling what we are feeling, and that's it. It's ok to feel angry, jealous, or nervous. 

3. Express The Feeling: 

Share your feeling with someone, if not possible at the moment write it down or make a voice memo. If you have time, write more about what triggered your feeling.

4. Give Yourself What You Need At The Moment:

What you need may include taking yourself out of your current setting or doing a few yoga poses. Other examples include; a short walk, a mental break, five deep breaths, a drink of water, or a brief meditation. Or do what I do, look at pictures of baby animals. You should find what is best for you at that moment. 



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