Schemas and Anxiety

You may be thinking, what is a schema? Have you ever heard of a cognitive schema or read about it? A schema is your hypothesis or mental map that helps you organize incoming information. 

That information may come from your interactions at work, your social interactions, problems, situations, or other experiences.

Let’s say that a person feels incompetent or not good enough, that is their schema. That schema has a rule or rules. For example, that person that feels incompetent unknowingly strengths that belief based on their interaction with their boss who pointed out a few mistakes in their work. The boss’s feedback matches that person’s schema about feeling incompetent which reinforces their thoughts of being incompetent. When there are negative schemas and anxiety many of the positive interactions that demonstrate the opposite (being a competent person) are unintentionally ignored, not processed, or discounted. 

Take a look at your schemas or practice becoming aware of your mental map. I wonder if you have negative schemas that are interfering with a part of your life?

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