Sunday Habits for Anxiety and Depression

1. Reflect on your week

What happened during your week? What positive things happened? Reflect on any areas that you would like to improve and make a commitment to start that.

2. Reframe your thoughts and write coping cards

If you have thoughts and self-talk that do not serve you, write them down. Then, attempt to find other ways to think about that situation. Balance or reframe your thoughts.

3. Self-care

What do you need to do for self-care? Dig deep and explore what you need at this moment. Sunday may be an excellent day for self-care.

4. Prep to get a head-start

Being the busy adult that you are you probably have tons of things to do this upcoming week. You are adulting! Take a few minutes to think what is coming up with work projects, work tasks, family, appointments, meetings, and errands, etc. Write a to-do list, and this will serve as "brain dump." Then, schedule in your tasks and commitments in your calendar or planner.

Do you have anything else to prep?:

  • Meals

  • Outfits for the week

5. Mindfulness- Live in the present (No Rushing)

To help you live in the now do a body scan. Start at the top, your head, and down to your toes. While you are doing the scan, bring awareness to how your body feels. Is it relaxed, tense, or does it have pain, etc.?

Enjoy your Sunday and have a fantastic week!