One Simple Rule to Improve Anxiety and Depression

Do you feel the need to fix your life or an aspect of your life? BUT does the fixing bring more distress, anxiety, or depression? Practicing acceptance of the distress or discomfort can help along the way.

When you hear "accept your problems" it sounds like bad advice, but a therapy technique from Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) suggests just that.

The techniques involve accepting that life comes with discomfort.

Acceptance is just one part of ACT. In the therapy setting your psychotherapist will guide you to identify your feelings, thoughts, self-talk, and process stressful situations. You will learn to recognize what circumstances in your life require acceptance and what situations require action, problem-solving, or behavioral changes. You accept that life comes with discomfort but also make a commitment to the changes you need to make.

So what is ACT and how can you implement this to your daily life? ACT involves mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment.

Ok, I've said the word ACCEPTANCE a gazillion times in this blog!

Do you want to practice acceptance and commitment? Check out this affirmation list to help you practice:

1. You are not your suffering

2. Stress, distress, discomfort, and suffering are normal

3. Accept your thoughts and feelings

5. Your thoughts are just your thoughts

6. Notice that your thoughts are thoughts

7. When you are lost in your thoughts reconnect with what is happening now.

8. Refocus your attention to positive things in your life.

9. Commit to action


Diana Ruiz, MA, LCPC

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