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You are feeling anxious, stressed, alone, or stuck. These feelings are overwhelming. The thoughts that you are “not enough” or “you are unlovable” are interfering with your happiness. You feel stuck and want to start making changes to obtain your goals. It may be intimidating to talk about it, however, talking it through can provide some relief.

Do you wish you were more confident and happy with your life? Does your stress, anxiety, and worry about your current life and the past, interfere with your happiness?

I can help you learn about what may be influencing feeling stressed, having unhappy relationships, and what keeps you feeling stuck. I can support you through the process of reflecting on your feelings and thoughts and help you on the journey of learning self-worth, managing anxiety, recognizing your patterns, and finding meaning. I provide a supportive and confidential environment to dig in and create the life you want, and the relationships you desire. 

I provide psychotherapy for teens, adults, couples.

I treat anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), anxiety attacks, social anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, abandonment, stress, and relationships.

Call me at 312-451-6157 for a free 15-minute phone consult about psychotherapy.

Diana Ruiz, MA,LCPC - Psychotherapist/Counselor

Diana Ruiz, MA,LCPC - Psychotherapist/Counselor