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On-line Psychotherapy in Chicago, Chicago-Land-Area, and Illinois

As a busy adult with many roles and "hats to wear" it may be difficult to travel and make appointments. You already have to deal with work schedules, managing your home, family, and your social life. On-line therapy provides psychotherapy in the comfort of your home to not worry about traveling, parking, and traffic.

I love providing online therapy to my clients because I know how busy and hectic life can get.

FAQs About Online Therapy (Telemental Health)

Does my insurance cover on-line therapy?

Generally, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has benefits for online therapy depending on your plan. The best way to figure that out is to get on the phone with BCBS to inquire about your specific insurance plan, deductible, and co-payment for outpatient on-line counseling (psychotherapy, behavioral health, mental health services). 

What should I expect ?

I provide the same process to my online therapy clients as I would provide in person in my office. It is essential to get to know your background, history, and your current challenges to begin therapy. Then, we will work on your goals as we would in my office. 

What is different about on-line psychotherapy?

The only difference is the setting. On-line therapy does depend on you having a quiet and private setting or room. Having a good connection to the internet is also important. 

How about my privacy?

Your privacy is one of my main concerns. I choose HIPAA-complaint systems that protect your privacy such as Thera-link and Simple Practice. I do not use platforms such as facetime and skype given that those are not the best systems that protect your privacy.